Here at Arkham Performance we are able to offer tuning options for almost any sports & supercar’s using the only the best tuning platforms.

Below we have examples of what we can offer but as each vehicle & gains are different please contact us directly for specifics. More detailed make/model information will follow on our dedicated online shop in early 2020.


BM3 or BootMod3 as its known is the world's first, most advanced & widely adopted factory ECU tuning platform for BMW F & G series vehicles & the new A90 Toyota Supra.

With their cloud based tuning platform changes. updates & alterations can be made easily from anywhere with an internet connection PLUS they have an IOS & Andriod based app for your smart phone which includes not just the tuning capabilities but also live engine data logging & a fault code reader too! 

There are many options for which level tune you can use with supporting mods, here's an example for reference;

F82 M4 CS

Stage 1 91: up to 20%HP / 22%TQ

Stage 1 93: up to 22%HP / 23%TQ

Stage 2 91: up to 23%HP / 26%TQ

Stage 2 93: up to 24%HP / 26%TQ

Stage 2 E30: up to 26%HP / 26%TQ

Stage 2 Race Gas: up to 26%HP / 26%TQ

Stage 2H 91: up to 38%HP / 30%TQ

Stage 2H 93: up to 42%HP / 30%TQ

Stage 2H E30: up to 45%HP / 33%TQ

Stage 2H Race Gas: up to 45%HP / 33%TQ

Stage 2 AGG (Aggressive burble) versions of maps also available.

There are also many additional options included when choosing BM3 for your vehicle, for example;


Map Customization through Map Editor

Exhaust Burble adjustments on any map (OTS & Custom)

GTS Startup Roar

Max Cooling Mode

Cold start (cat heating on startup) removal for quieter cold start

Cat efficiency check (CEL) removal for de-cat downpipes (for off-road use)


Electronic Wastegate (EWG) Disable

Custom TMAP Sensor Adjustments

Exhaust Flap Adjustments (Sport Mode)

Top Speed Limiter Removal

Custom High-Pressure Fuel Pump Settings

Boost By Gear % Reduction

DTC Deactivation

Re-calibrated Sport Gauges on iDrive

Maps for upgraded turbos

E85/blend, RaceGas, and Meth Injection Tuning

Custom Throttle Mapping

Backend Flash Maps for Piggyback Use


We will soon have your vehicle listed in our forthcoming webshop (early 2022) but in the meantime please get in touch to discuss your tuning requirements.


We have chosen to partner with VIEZU TECHNOLOGIES as one of our main ECU tuning file providers. Their products cover an enormous amount of vehicles & have been developed with over 20 years of hands-on experience. VIEZU ECU remapping and chip tuning products and services have been tested on real vehicles in real life conditions in-house at their state of the art laboratory.

Their team are all experts in their fields, with a vast knowledge of I.T., vehicle tuning and motorsport preparation.

Viezu tuning software is used and recommended by the largest customer groups, forums and fleet operators in the world. To date Viezu is the only ISO certified tuning provider that we know of in the world. They also offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee & a lifetime warranty for ALL tuning files provided!

We believe this offers you the option of a ‘total peace of mind tuning’ & because all files are developed on the dyno they are far superior to 'generic' type 'eBay' tune files which essentially can be done by anyone but not offer any type of back up should you have any issues.

So what software do we use to apply these updates to your vehicle? Well we again chose one of the best in the business Alientech & the platform is Kess V2 for OBD2 file application & K-Tag for 'bench tuning'.

The difference between OBD2 (Kess V2) & Bench Tuning (K-Tag) is simple; OBD2 means we are able to tune your vehicle via the OBD2 diagnostic port meaning no need to remove the ECU. Bench tuning means that the ECU will need to be removed from the vehicle & accessed via either pin out connections or by pin internally on the ECU board. Our experienced technicians are able to provide both services onsite with the latter using our specially built 'clean room' to ensure to process is done in the cleanest environment possible.

ALL our tuning files are 100% dyno developed, fully insured, ISO certified & come with a 14 day money back guarantee & lifetime warranty all as part of the price PLUS we are able to offer specific additions like top speed limiter removal, pops & bangs & secondary o2 delete too!

There are several options available when we use this method of tuning which you can choose from & these have been detailed below;


Whether your car is a small, economic petrol vehicle or a high performance supercar, there's always power that can be released from a remap. Our tuning is carried out in a safe, responsible way - a bit more power is useless if your vehicle becomes unreliable, smokes or breaks down. Our commitment to quality and our research and development, emission testing and attention to detail means you can trust us to deliver every time.

V-Performance Tuning Advantages

• More performance and power when you need it (up to 40% increase)

• Greater torque across the whole rev range (up to 35% increase)

• Sharper quicker throttle response

• Smoother, quicker delivery of power

• Reliable, quick and easy to install

* Optional extras included like top speed limiter removal, pops & bangs , secondary o2 delete etc

• Can be reverted to stock when needed at zero cost

By increasing the power and performance of your engine you will have a more responsive drive and at the same time a car that is safer for overtaking, more pleasurable to drive and that puts a smile on your face every time you drive it – all without the cost of a new car!

All our remaps are fully insured, carry ISO certification, start from as little as £299 inc VAT & are covered by our 14 day money back satisfaction guarantee & lifetime warranty too!

Get in touch now with your tuning requirements & we will transform you driving experience!